Glossary - G

gateway server
a server computer that provides access to some computer external to the network.
For example, a gateway server that connects an application server to a wireless client via a cellphone network.
general use case modeling guidelines
guidelines that have proven effective when performing use case modeling during the requirements engineering of operational requirements.
the requirements work product that formally documents the abbreviations, acronyms, and important terms used on an endeavor.
1) a perceived need (i.e., informal requirement) of the customer or user that is informally documented in the application vision statement. A goal drives the analysis and formal specification of requirements (i.e., operational, quality, and design constraints) that are documented in requirements specifications.
See also application vision statement, business goal, operational goal, and quality goal.
2) a top-level purpose that is decomposed into one or more detailed objectives.
Note that goals should be attainable, cohesive, measurable, and realistic.
graphical user interface
a user’s interface to an application that includes graphics (e.g., pictures, animations, video clips) and/or graphic icons (e.g., buttons, pick lists, text boxes, etc.).
graphic artist
the role that is played when a person creates or obtains new graphic content for one or more applications.
graybox testing
the testing of something using both information about its interfaces and its implementation.
Contrast with blackbox testing and whitebox testing.
a convention that provides guidance on how to perform one or more related work units.
Contrast with procedure.
GUI designer
the role that is played when a person designs graphical user interfaces (GUIs).