Object Process, Environment, and Notation (OPEN)



Object-oriented Process, Environment, and Notation (OPEN) is the premier third-generation, public domain, full lifecycle, process-focussed, methodological approach that was designed for the development of software intensive applications, particularly object-oriented and component-based developments. OPEN was developed and is maintained by the not-for-profit OPEN Consortium, an international group of over 35 methodologists, academics, CASE tool vendors and developers. OPEN was initially created by the merger of earlier methods: MOSES, SOMA, Firesmith, Synthesis and more recently enhanced by state of the art ideas from BON, Ooram, UML etc.

Official OPEN Website

For more information about the OPEN Process Framework, see the OPEN Consortium's official OPEN Website.

OPEN Books

The following books about OPEN are available from your local booksellers, from the publisher, or via online bookstores such as Amazon:

BulletThe OPEN Process Framework. An Introduction by Donald Firesmith and Brian Henderson-Sellers. To be published by Addison-Wesley in October 2001.

BulletOPEN Modeling with UML by Brian Henderson-Sellers and Bhuvan Unhelkar. Published by Addison-Wesley in July 2000, ISBN 0-201-67512-9

BulletThe OPEN Toolbox of Techniques by Brian Henderson-Sellers, Tony Simons and Houman Younessi. Published by Addison-Wesley in September 1998, ISBN 0-201-33134-9.

BulletDocumenting a Complete Java Application using OPEN by Don Firesmith, Scott Krutsch, Marshall Stowe and Greg Hendley. Published by Addison-Wesley in 1998, ISBN 0-201-34277-4.

BulletThe OPEN Process Specification by Ian Graham, Brian Henderson-Sellers and Houman Younessi. Published by Addison-Wesley in October 1997, ISBN 0-201-33133-0.

BulletThe OPEN Modeling Language (OML) Reference Manual by Don Firesmith, Brian Henderson-Sellers and Ian Graham. Published by SIGS Books, NY, in March 1997, ISBN 1-884842-75-5. Published by Cambridge University Press in June 1999, ISBN 0-521-64823-8.

Bullet The OPEN Process Framework by Don Firesmith and Brian Henderson-Sellers. Published by Addison-Wesley in December 2001, ISBN 0-201-67510-2.

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