Call For Volunteers

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The OPEN Process Framework (OPF) Repository Organization is made up of volunteers who provide their expertise, experience, and effort to maintain and improve the OPF Repository of free, open source, reusable process components. Because this repository is constantly growing and evolving to better serve the needs of the process engineering community, we are always looking for volunteers willing to help. The following are current teams in need of volunteer support. Please contact us if you are willing to work on any of the following projects teams:


This team is completing the translation the website from HTML to XHTML. The work is essentially done except for some minor cleaning up. No additional volunteers are currently needed.

Standards Support Team

This team is responsible for mapping the contents of the repository to various national, international, and de facto industry development standards to ensure that the repository can be used to develop endeavor-specific processes that support and are complient with these important standards. Partial mappings have been developed for some standards, whereas mappings for other important standards have not yet been started. We are currently looking for a team lead, process engineers with experience in the various standards, and XHTML programmers to support them.

Test Team

This team is responsible for testing the quality of the implementation of the repository and its supporting tools. We are currently looking for a team lead and testers with XHTML, XML, JavaScript, and Java experience and expertise.

Tool Development Team

This team is responsible for developing, maintaining, and extending tools to support the use of the website and its repository of reusable process components. We are currently looking requirements engineers, architects, designers, and implementers with experience in tool development, website development, Java, and XML.

Work Product Team

This team is responsible for developing, obtaining, and maintaining examples of and conventions for work products. We are currently looking a team lead, process engineers, and developers with experience with various kinds of work products.

XML Team

This team is responsible for translating the current XHTML form of the website into XML, XSL, and XSD files to support the work of the Tool Development Team. We are currently looking for large numbers of developers with XML experience and expertise. See XML Translation Guidelines.