OPEN Process Framework Repository Organization (OPFRO)

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The OPEN Process Framework Repository Organization (OPFRO) is a non-profit foundation consisting of methodologists, process engineers, developers, academic researchers and educators, tool vendors, and others who volunteer their efforts and expertise to advance process engineering by maintaining, extending, promoting, and distributing the OPEN Process Framework (OPF) and associated repository, the world’s largest repository of free, public-domain, object-oriented, and open source reusable method components.

Mission Statement

The mission of the OPFRO is to advance the practice of method and process engineering by providing industry and academia with reusable method components that can be selected and integrated to produce endeavor-specific methods for the development and operation of software-intensive systems.


The OPFRO is currently divided into the following overlapping teams of volunteers:


The OPFRO is an organization of volunteers that is open to any person with the willingness, experience, and expertise to perform any of the tasks of the organization. Everyone is welcome to volunteer to join any of the OPFRO teams. Naturally, everyone is also welcome to submit recommended changes to the method components or the repository without becoming an official member of the OPFRO. Submissions are especially welcome if they provide new or improved method components and follow the current content and format standards for the specific component type.