Glossary - H

hardware architect
the role that is played by a person who produces the hardware architecture of an application.
Contrast with business architect, database architect, information architect, security architect, software architect, and system architect.
hardware architecting
the architecting activity during which an application's hardware architecture is produced.
hardware architecture
an architecture of the hardware components of an application.
hardware component
a component of an application that consists of a single piece of physical equipment (although it may have a significant number of software and data components deployed on it).
See also:
hardware component design
the design activity during which an application’s hardware components are designed.
hardware designer
the role that is played when a person produces the design of one or more hardware components.
hardware engineer
the role that is played when a person implements the hardware components of an application.
hardware component implementation
the implementation activity during which hardware components are fabricated or acquired.
an abstraction of a cohesive collection of one or more potential causes of an accident.
A hazard can be a condition, situation, or state of a system that in conjunction with conditions in the environment of the system can cause an accident.
A hazard can be associated with the development, testing, operation, usage, maintenance, or retirement of a system.
Examples include hazardous materials, high voltages, electromagnetic radiation, cutting edges, electromagnetic fields, vibration, fire, liquids, extreme temperatures, pressures, noises, and accelerations, etc.
home page
the initial main webpage of a website.
HTML coding standards
standards that have proven effective when coding web pages using the HTML programming language.
a network connectivity device that connects multiple computers on a star network.
human interface
the part(s), either hardware or software, of an application that interfaces with users.
human interface design document (HIDD)
the design work product that formally documents the design of the human interfaces.
human interface prototype
the design work product representing a prototype of the human interfaces.