Process Engineering


Process Engineering (a.k.a., Method Engineering)
the activity consisting of the cohesive collection of all tasks directly involved in the improvement of processes by the engineering of appropriate endeavor-specific and/or producer-specific methods (i.e., process models) via the engineering and use of organizational process component frameworks (i.e., process metamodels), process component class libraries, reusable methods, and associated usage guidelines


Process Engineering

As illustrated in the preceding figure, process engineering is part of the following inheritance hierarchy:


The typical responsibilities of process engineering are to ensure that:


Process engineering typically may begin when the following preconditions hold:

Completion Criteria

Process engineering is typically complete when the following postconditions hold:


As illustrated in the preceding figure of the work flow involving process engineering tasks, the process engineering activity typically involves the following producers performing the following process engineering tasks in an iterative, incremental, parallel, and timeboxed manner:


Process engineering is typically performed using the following environment(s) and associated tools:

Work Products

Process engineering typically results in the production of the process work product set:


Process engineering tasks are typically performed during the following phases: