Features Matrix


A features matrix is the requirements work product produced during application development that documents the results of analyzing the desired features of an application.


The typical objectives of a features matrix are to:


The typical benefits of a features matrix are:


The typical contents of a features matrix are:


The typical stakeholders of a features matrix are:


A features matrix is typically produced during the following phases:


A features matrix can typically be started if the following preconditions hold:


The typical inputs to a features matrix include:



A features matrix is typically constrained by the following conventions:


The following features matrix documents the features for a global Web-based marketplace bringing together private individuals and small companies to buy and sell all manner of items:

Feature Criticality Risk Effort Role(s)
7. Sale Registeration High High High Seller
10. Price Settlement (Auctions) High Medium High User
11. Buying and Selling Items High Medium Medium User
4. Item Location High Medium Medium Buyer
12. Fee Payment High Medium Medium User
6. Security Violation Notification High Medium Low Security Officer
9. Account Registration High Medium Low User
1. Financial Report Generation High Low Medium Accountant
15. User Inquiries Medium Medium High User, User Support Agent
3. Desire To Purchase Registration Medium Medium Medium Buyer
5. Security Report Generation Medium Low Medium Security Officer
13. Information Presentation Medium Low Medium User
14. Other User Evaluation Medium Low Low User
2. Fee Maintenance Medium Low Low Accountant
16. Account Information Maintenance Medium Low Low User
8. Seller Marketing Low Medium High Seller
19. User Sanctions Low Low Medium User Support Agent
17. Notification Registration Low Low Low User
18. User Restriction Maintenance Low Low Low User Support Agent