Retirement Phase


Retirement Phase
the application life cycle phase during which the application is retired from use and its components are either disposed of or else archived for future use


The typical goals of the Retirement Phase are to:


To meet the above goals, the objectives of the retirement phase are to:


The following preconditions must be satisfied before the retirement phase can successfully begin:

Completion Criteria

Typically, the following postconditions must be met for the successful completion of the retirement phase:

Work Products

During the retirment phase, the following work products are typically produced and delivered:


The typical milestones of a retirement phase of an application development project include:

  1. TBD


The retirement phase activities are performed by the following teams, which typically overlap in terms of the individuals playing the component roles:

Activities And Tasks

During the retirement phase, the following activities (decomposed into the following tasks) occur in an iterative, incremental, parallel, and timeboxed manner: